2017 Entry Information

Click here to access a copy of the complete entries book.
All entries to the secretary: Lynne Forbes
Entries on OFFICIAL form to:
Post: PO Box 202, Millicent, 5280
Phone: 08 8733 3560
Fax: 08 8733 1088
Entry fees must be paid at time of entry.
Entries close:
Sheep: October 27th 2017
Cattle: October 27th 2017
Wool: October 27th 2017
Indoor sections: October 31st 2017
Horse section - Stockman's Challenge: October 27th 2017
Poultry & Pigeons: November 3rd 2017
Young Judges Championships: October 27th 2017
See all other sections for entry closing times.
All entries must be made on the official entry form.
Entry forms can be found in the individual sections.
Indoor Exhibits must not be removed from the grounds before 5pm Saturday, except by permission of Hall Steward.

The committee of the Millicent A H & P Society wish to thank all the business houses, clubs and private people for their donations towards trophies, prize money and advertising. Thank you to businesses who have donated vouchers & products. Also thank you judges, stewards, conveners, committee members, exhibitors, schools, service clubs and other voluntary helpers, who all help to make the Millicent Show successful.

Prize Money
OUTSIDE SECTIONS Will be paid on day of Show.
INDOOR SECTIONS Children’s prize money & all trophies will be presented between 3-4pm Saturday 4th November in the Main Show Hall.
All other prize money and all trophies can be collected from the Show Office between 10am – 1:30pm Tuesday, November 7th, 2017.
NOTE: Monies not collected on this day will be forfeited.

General Rules & Regulations
1. Members must show tickets at the gate.
2. Persons, who are Indoor Exhibitors at the Annual Show and are not members, will be required to pay entry at the gate.
3. Every exhibit of plants or vegetables must have been the property of the exhibitor for not less than one month.
4. If a judge feels an entry is not worthy of a 1st place it may be withheld. Judges must be available to speak to exhibitors up to 2 hours after judging.
5. There must be three entries in each class or no second prize will be awarded, unless recommended by Judges.
6. The decision of the Judges shall be final, except where the regulations have been infringed.
7. The judge’s decision is final, and if you as an exhibitor are not happy, please lodge a protest in writing with the Secretary no later than 4pm on the day, which the award is made. A deposit of 50% of the value of the prize must accompany each protest, which may be forfeited if the protest be deemed frivolous.
8. The committee reserves the right to make any alteration in the published Programme.
9. Exhibits for competition or exhibition must be in their places in the Show Pavilion not later than 6.00pm Thursday night before show.
10. Any persons or exhibitors interfering with the judges or stewards will be disqualified and prizes forfeited.
11. All indoor exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor.
12. If deemed necessary by the committee, any exhibitor or prize winner may be called upon to make a statutory declaration as to the bona fides of any exhibit for competition and non-compliance may render the prize liable to forfeiture.
13. The Show pavilion will be open after judging on Friday.
14. No cattle & sheep to leave the Showgrounds before 4pm Saturday without the permission of the secretary or the stewards.
15. No tents, booths, or hawkers will be allowed on the showgrounds without the permission of the committee.
16. Entries must be made on the official entry form, copies of which are enclosed with the prize list and are obtainable from the secretary.
17. Every facility is given to the exhibitors, but the committee will not undertake any responsibility for any exhibit.
18. This Society is affiliated with the SE of SA and the Border Show Societies Association and any exhibitor or exhibit subject to disqualification by that Association or by any Show Society affiliated with that Association will be debarred from competition at the Show of this Society during the period of such disqualification or until any appeal that may have been lodged against such disqualification shall have been determined. Notification of any disqualification will be forwarded to the South East and Border Show Societies Association, or appropriate bodies, by this Society.

Special Trophies for the SE of SA & Border Show Societies Association
Trophies for 1/1/17 - 31/12/17 year
Association Trophy 1: Most Points FLORAL ART (minimum 2 shows)
Association Trophy 2: Most Points HORSES - HACK OR GALLOWAY (minimum 2 shows)
Association Trophy 3: Most Points YARD DOGS (minimum 2 shows)
RA&HS Medallion: Most Points OPEN SHEARER (minimum 2 shows)
Junior Association Trophy (under 18 years): CONSTRUCTION TROPHY (minimum 2 shows)
Sunbeam Fruit Cake & Genoa Cake Competitions semi-final 2017-2018 will be held at Kingston (October 1st) and Mil-lel (October 7th) shows respectively.
Lauke CWA Scone Competition will be run at all local shows this year. The Regional final will be held in conjunction with the AGM & Annual presentation dinner at Kingston next April.

Unique Vehicle & Stationary Engine Display
Display - 11am - 3pm Saturday 4th November
Featuring cars, bikes and tractors.
People's Choice Trophy supplied by Roger Smith Auto.

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